Goal Revamp

Before I had to sit offline at home for 9 months due to inept ISPs, new baby, and getting some overdue debts paid off I laid out a long list of goals for Parisma. All that time offline has given me a lot of time to think and make plans, especially on quiet shifts at work. So, I think it’s time to revisit the list since I may actually be getting service installed soon.

Here is the list as it stood on 5-23-12:

Goals for Parisma Calles: (completed goals are crossed out).

1. Move my remaining assets to my corps new home system.

2. Move my trade hub base from Oursulaert/Jita to Dodixie.

3. Set up 3-4 colonies producing POS fuel components.

4. Stage a Drake, Iteron, and probing ship in a system near the KCG home system for exploration site trials.

5. Finish fitting all of my Assault Frigs (Hawks and Harpies) and move them to home system.

6. Train up my skills for research agents to a higher level (even though they have been nerfed).

7. If exploration trials prove to be fun/profitable get mining barge staged for mining sites.

8. Train Amaar and Caldari frigates to lvl 5.

9. Train Small Pulse Laser to at least lvl 4.

10. Train Rocket Specialization to at least lvl 4.

11. Train Small Autocannon Specialization to at least lvl 4.

12. Train the last 2 non-capital Navigation skills to lvl 5 (High Speed Maneuvering and Fuel Conservation).

13. Raise my Battleclinic rank by at least 30,000 (currently at 97,415).

First off I’m trashing goal #3 and replacing it with a single colony producing construction blocks for my eventual T2 production with an alt. I’m not sure about #7, mining is still mining, I’ll probably try it a time or two to see if it’s worth the effort.

Other than that I’m not altering my aims that much, I may change my Battleclinic goal 30,000 may go too fast once I get active again.

So much for revisiting the old, now for the new.

I’ve been weighing the pros and cons of starting a new account for my industry alt versus training him on my current account. The most obvious pro is that if I start a second account I won’t have to stop Parismas skill training. The rest of the pros to a second account are almost too numerous to list. The only pro I can see for training a new character on my current account is saving $15 per month (I’m not confident in my ability to generate PLEX cash at this moment). Therefore I think I shall be starting up a second account, I’m committed to it this time, to start-up an industrial venture. I may be able to pay for the second account with PLEX eventually but for now it will just have to be real cash.

I’m hesitant to put out a set of goals for my new alt pertaining to his industrial production untill I do some more research on its profitability. There are some goals I plan on laying out right away.

Goals for Industry Alt: (completed goals are crossed out).

1. Get into a T2 transport ship for any lowsec industrial activities.

2. Train research skills for blueprint copying and datacore acquisition (to supplement what Parisma can already provide).

I’m sure I’ll have some more goals related to what I actually decide to produce with my alt but untill then I’m limiting it to these two.

Fly fast, die often, and leave a frozen corpse!