Vacation Imminent

My last vacation from work for the year is coming up at the end of the month. I should be back online at home before then (fingers crossed).

I’m excited about the new destroyer hulls coming with the winter expansion. I’ve always thought the destroyer class was kind of the “red headed step child” class of ships and I’m glad they are finally getting a chance to go to the ball. I’m also looking forward to the cruiser rebalance. I have a couple of Thoraxs sitting in the hanger and I can’t wait to take them out after the expansion and test their close range face melting ability. I’m also thinking about putting together a couple of Vexor fits that have been running around in my head.

Being offline for so long due to inept ISPs and some financial difficulties, that are finally getting sorted out, I have far too much time to think about where I am and where I want to be in Eve. Hopefully steady play time will help me refocus and dispel some of my more radical thoughts.

Fly fast, die often, and leave a frozen corpse!


Debt Paid

It took a long time to get a straight answer out of someone but it turns out I still owed Verizon money so they wouldn’t release my lines to the new ISP.  I’ve got them paid off now and hopefully I will finally get back online.


I have a lot of plans I want to set in motion once I get some reliable playtime available.  Parisma has a few partial skills I want to finish up.  I’m also going to train level 4 in the skills Parisma is collecting datacores from.  I’m also going to review her researching skills so she can help my new industry alt with blueprint copying and invention.


My new industry alt will need to start training up market skills, science skills, industry skills, get standings so I can get research agents and datacores, and buy the BPO’s I need for invention.  I want him to focus on inventing and building tech II Gallente ships.  I’m going to start with a small investment at first, interceptors, assault frigates, and tech II transports.  I hope I’m not aiming too high because I know it will take some time before I can start seeing profits from my work.  Until I get my feet wet and learn some of the ins and outs of tech II manufacture Parisma will still provide my primary income through faction war LP’s, and some exploration/mission time.  My ultimate goal is to use Parisma for PvP and occasional exploration running and make the bulk of my income off my new alt.


I’ve done all the preparation I can in the few times I’ve been able to log on so here’s hoping that I’ll get service at home so I can set things in motion.


Fly fast, die often, and leave a frozen corpse!

The Thumb Twiddling Continues

Well, still no internet at home. I talked to Time Warner last Friday and they assured me I was “on the schedule”, but they couldn’t give me an exact date. Right now I’m just hoping they get me hooked up before the precursor patch for Inferno goes live.

I’ve also been thinking more about arenas in Eve. If we had them it could spark a whole new profession, the professional Gladiator! I envision a way for people to fight in the arena and earn Isk from winning purses, getting a percentage of bets placed on the match, and maybe even sponsorship from corps and individuals. It could also be a breeding ground for all sorts of new scams, mainly fixing fights but I’m sure there would be many more.

The more I think about arena spectators though the more I am leaning towards using the screen in the Captains’ Quarters to view a match. The only other way to watch a fight would be to be on grid with the gladiators and I think that would be complicated to manage, given the average Eve players’ proclivity to take advantage of any situation. Keeping the peace between spectators and preventing them from interfering with a match, while at the same time providing an exciting and entertaining show would be difficult. If players could sit in the CQ and watch a match from any of the participant’s point of view it would go a long way towards creating a sense of immersion. Not to mention making the CQ useful.

I’m really hoping to get my internet back before the weekend, I’m really burnt out on the few games I have that I can play offline.

Fly fast, die often, leave a frozen corpse!