New Blog Name

I’m not happy with the name of my blog anymore. When I restarted Eve this time I wanted to show that small ship hulls could be a valuable addition to a large null sec fleet, besides interceptors, light dictors, and bombers. Once I got back in game though my focus changed and I was no longer interested in null sec.

So, I’m going to move all my posts to a new blog whose name more accurately reflects my current play style and outlook on the game. Just as soon as I think one up. ūüôā


The Robo-bloggers of Eve Online

I follow about 126 Eve related blogs with a RSS reader on my iPod. I use the FeedlerRSS app which puts all the blogs in alphabetical order and shows a little number next to the name so I know which blogs have posted since the last time I read them. Obviously not all of them post every day but there are a few that stand head and shoulders above the pack. I’ve been busy lately so I haven’t read any blogs since September 1st and most of the blogs on my list show low numbers (from 1 to 7 on average). Then there are the few that have broken the double-digit mark, some are quite a few posts past the mark, in only 18 or so days. The sheer volume of content these people put out makes me wonder when they have time to actually play the game!

It’s often joked that Ripard¬†Teg from Jester’s Trek¬†is the Eve Robo-blogger because of the sheer volume of content he puts out.¬† Indeed he put out an impressive 26 posts, but I’m noticing that he actually has some company on that lofty peak of constant posting.

Next is my CEO in the Kadavr Crimson Guard Kirith Kodachi over at Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah. Despite his self admitted limited play time he managed to put out 11 posts. He also records a short one man podcast of the same name as his blog.

Mabrick’s Mumblings by Mabrick came in at 11 posts also. He writes an industry focused blog and is currently exploring wormhole space for the first time.

The Greedy Goblin¬†blog by Gevlon¬†had 13 posts. This blog is another trading and industry focused blog. It’s a good read because Gevlon has some very strong feelings about the game and he doesn’t sugar coat his opinions.

Rixx Javix put out 14 posts on his blog Eveoganda since I last polished off my RSS reader list. Rixx is an amazing artist and has been heading up the campaign to give the Vagabond its frill back, which looks like they accomplished according to a recent dev blog.

At 21 posts, Low Sec Lifestyle by Sugar Kyle, gives you a good look into low sec life and the dark underbelly we call pirating.

Also at 21 posts is Poetic Discourse by Poetic Stanziel. Poetic, much like Ripard, writes about a broad range of subjects from personal adventures to the state of the game.

Finally with 26 posts is the blog Random Posts From Auga by Kuan Yida. I’ve only recently added Kuan’s blog to my reading list so I can’t really tell much about it yet.

Love them or hate them you can’t help but be impressed by the amount¬†of work they put into their blogs.¬† I’m hoping that once I finally get my internet problems sorted out I will be posting more often.¬† I don’t think I’ll be able to compete for the robo-blogger title but more than one post every few weeks is a pretty attainable goal.¬†

Fly fast, die often, and leave a frozen corpse!